The Royal Wedding

During the weekend just gone, whilst in Esparreguera we were getting covered in paint at the Holi Festival, England was struck watching a special event (and no, I’m not talking about the FA cup). In the city of London and the town of Windsor, millions of viewers tuned in to watch the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Royal Wedding took place on Saturday 19th May, when finally, all the burning questions and suspense since their engagement announcement last November came to an end. As a language school who focuses strongly on English we thought it would be interesting to share our thoughts on this big event and the role it plays in our culture. Some people say we are quite a patriotic country, and it is undoubtedly our fascination with the Royals that creates this impression. I suppose it’s because the Monarchy have always played a big role in our society, bringing in money but arguably also taking money out. Along with the love of such an impressive Queen who has not long passed her 92nd birthday and the popularity of events like this, a sense of nationalism and respect for the Royals is formed. For some, the event is taken more seriously than others, through camping out overnight to get a good spot of Harry and Meghan coming out of the church, whilst others prefer to watch it from the convenience of their living rooms. The service took place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor at Midday. Guests started to arrive from 9.30am followed by members of the Royal Family with the Queen and the...

No pierdas tu nivel de idiomas este verano – ¡únete a nuestros Summer Courses!

With schools coming to an end for the term, along with the fortunate close of exams and siesta’s becoming more of a necessity with the scorching weather, this means only one thing: summer is approaching. Time to head to the beach, lap on the sun cream (particularly for us pasty white British) and sunbathe. Whilst summer is the perfect excuse to relax and celebrate all that hard work you’ve achieved throughout the year, it doesn’t mean you should let your language skills go out the window and your brain to be frazzled by the heat causing any memory of foreign vocabulary to be lost. This is where we come in offering summer speaking courses! These are adapted around your timetables and around the weather to what suits you best! We all know how vital it is to stay acquainted with your second language, to keep that brain ticking, none of us are getting any younger. A few months away can make your brain go to sleep, it’s surprising how much you can forget and let’s be honest, who’s going to practice at home when you could be in the pool? Therefore, a speaking course is the perfect solution, a couple of hours a week forcing you out of your bad habits at home to practice your language skills! Keeping your mind active is enough reason to convince you but to make sure you are fully persuaded here are some more benefits and selling points of our summer course: 1. It’s purely speaking We know you’ve had enough of that boring grammar and those tedious exercises for the year so...

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