The weirdest weekend of my life… Aka Firapassió – El fín de semana más extraño de mi vida… o Firapassió

This weekend, for me the first full weekend living in Esparreguera, was Fira Passió. None of us interns knew anything much about this festival, but after many recommendations, we decided to check it out. On Saturday morning Curtis and I took a trip up to the top of the bell tower to see the city and learned a lot about the history of the church. It had some amazing views! Then, we explored the streets, now filled up with market stalls. We tried lots of different foods like roasted pork, freshly baked bread, candied nuts, and incredible cupcakes. Of course, we saw the Fira Passió itself, a live-action play of the Passion of Christ. In the afternoon, we visited the Placa de le Pagesia were we watched ‘Bongo Beats & the Jesus Christ Band’. This was a… unique experience. The music was really good, but it was very strange seeing everyone dressed in tunics as if we had warped back to 2000 years ago. We then watched ‘la fiesta de la llum’, which was interesting to watch, but again none of us had ever seen anything like this before. I thought it was fascinating to see how the whole town was involved in the festivities, and how passionate everyone was about it. We went back to the food stalls for dinner, all of us choosing to have pork kebab, fresh off a giant pig spit roast. No doubt it was one of the stars of the celebration and even though the pig was slightly intimidating to look at, it tasted amazing. Hannah then treated herself to the biggest candy...
BREXIT – ¡Ya está aquí!

BREXIT – ¡Ya está aquí!

  Brexit is a term that seems to have embedded itself into every aspect of discourse as the world awaits the repercussions of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. This Friday, January 31st 2020, represents the third extension of the official withdrawal after the UK government finally succeeded in passing a Withdrawal Agreement through parliament. The main obstacle facing Brexit negotiations and the relationship between the UK and the EU will be re-establishing trade relationships between the two powers. One risk, however, facing the United Kingdom is the impact that leaving the EU will have on the nation’s economy. Many studies have suggested that GDP will be adversely affected – this will have many understandable consequences on industries, investment, employment levels and ongoing effects which often stem from these instabilities. Much could be said about any economy and the possible ways that Brexit may or may not impact the trade. Northern Ireland, however, has had particular attention. Not considering the issues surrounding a hard or soft border, a study conducted by the Women’s Budget Group highlights the differential impact on genders as women will face much harder challenges in the economic environment in the years to follow. One reason for this will be the impact Brexit is expected to on public services in the higher percentages of women over men who not only depend on public services but who are also more likely to find employment within the public sector. How does this affect us? Well, students that come to Spain from the UK to do a work placement often receive financial aid from the European Union but...

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