Travelling during the Coronavirus – Viajar en tiempos de Coronavirus

In March I took the last flight out of Barcelona into Ireland, expecting to be home for about 3 weeks but after 3 months of rain and my mothers’ terrible cooking I decided it was time to go back. Unfortunately at the beginning of June there were no direct flights to Spain from home so the first step for me was to travel 3 hours from the north coast of Ireland to Dublin airport, thankfully one of my friends is in the army and has a military ID and therefore can travel wherever he wants during the state of alarm so he took me to the airport without any problems. Dublin airport, as expected was deserted… I cleared security and got to my gate in approximately 5 minutes. Step 2 was flying to Amsterdam which was incredibly straightforward, now it seems to be a hub for people travelling throughout Europe so there were no questions about my purpose for travelling there nor interviews upon landing, I simply scanned my passport into a machine as usual and was free to do anything or go anywhere. For me it was like going through the looking glass, life in the Netherlands is completely normal with bars, restaurants, and all types of shops open. The sole reminders of the pandemic are a couple of questions upon entering a restaurant “Are you healthy? Do you live with anyone that’s sick?” and an Orwellian style van that drives around with a megaphone ordering people to keep a distance of 1.5 metres. After 3 months of lockdown, normality feels very strange. During my 24 hours in...

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