Education: how’s it been affected by the Covid-19?

Education, just like everything else has been severely affected by the coronavirus. At my university, the teachers who had experience with online teaching and tools were proactive in helping colleagues adapt their courses. Having taught a few online classes and discovered that they can make creative use of the technology, many teachers will be changed forever. We expect that even those who go back to teaching in a traditional classroom will incorporate some of the online tools that they are now learning to use and this will be the same all over the world. In Italy, the International School of Monza is part of the world’s biggest educational technology (edtech) experiment in history. The school is still running as teachers teach via video conferencing every day. Kids participate using Padlet, a virtual post-it note system that lets students share ideas; and Flipgrid, which lets teachers and students create short videos to share. Students do individual work, group work, and confer with teachers when needed and teachers use Microsoft Teams instead of email. Software like Microsoft Teams allows teachers to see students as they are writing. That allows for real-time feedback, rather than waiting for the work to be completed. Some students who shied away from participation are stepping up; the quieter and more introverted students can participate more because they are not being seen by their peers. With 1.5 Billion students out of school and hundreds of millions attempting to learn solely online, the crisis will reshape schools, the idea of education, and what learning looks like in the 21st century. But as tech connects people in their homes, its limitations...

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