Penpal update : de cómo los amigos por correspondencia nos ayudan a mejorar un idioma

Well hello, long time no see! It’s been another busy month here in Esparreguera (just the way we like it) so I’m here to catch up with you all once again. Firstly, we’ve set up an Instagram account to share more of ELITE’s day-to-day activities, so be sure to follow @eliteformacio to see some great pictures and updates! With the end of February came a week of beautifully warm weather, completely confusing us Brits! We made the most of it at the local fair in Esparreguera, and spent the weekend sampling local delicacies and watching the different parades and carreras in the town (see our March newsletter for evidence). As I write this, however, the clouds have once again returned to the sky and it seems that summer isn’t upon us quite yet!We aren’t letting that dampen our spirits, though, and the atmosphere at ELITE has remained sunny. No more so than with our kids’ and teenagers’ classes, who have all been making the most of our pen pal project! As you might already know, the pen pal project is something that ELITE has been doing annually for a while now. Much like the intercambioswhich are so popular with expats in Spain, writing to a penpal in English – with them replying in Spanish – lets our students learn the language in a way that is so much fun it doesn’t even feel like school! This year our intern Sekani has been in charge, finding some schools in the USA to connect with, and he had this to say about the project so far: “Running the project has been...

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