And Lang May Yer Lum Reek

No, don’t worry, your English hasn’t suddenly gotten worse… the title of this blog is in fact the traditional Scottish New Year greeting. Translated literally, it means “may your chimney always smoke”, but it’s just a way to wish friends prosperity and happiness in theupcoming year: exactly the message I want to send to you all in these cold first weeks of January. The ELITE team has come back from our holidays happy and well-rested, ready to start all over again, and we have a busy and enjoyable semester ahead! I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing festive period, and are returning full of motivation to keep working hard and take your language skills to the next level!With the new year come new resolutions, and I know that a lot of you might see January as a chance to start from a clean slate and make some changes, whether that means becoming healthier, waking up earlier, or even giving yourself some more me-time! I’ve asked around here at school, so why not read on to find out about some of the ELITE interns’ resolutions this year? And of course, feel free to share any of your own with us in your next class! EILIDH When writing this blog post I began to wonder what my goals were, and so I’ve come up with a couple of resolutions to get the ball rolling. For university I need to write a 5,000-word essay in Spanish(yes, five thousand words… in Spanish…), on my chosen topic about Catalonia, and so my first resolution is to finish all the research for that...

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