In classic British style, let’s first talk about the weather. Look’s like Winter is on its way out, the sun is shining, and no snow is to be seen. Last week’s snow craze was one of a kind. I’ve never seen such chaos and excitement caused by the tiniest amount of snow. Although, the atmosphere was pretty uplifting, especially whilst teaching a Skype lesson and hearing the young students cry in excitement and awe at the sight of falling snow. Public schools were shut for the day, people were rushing home afraid of getting stuck in the traffic and the school attendance was a bit tragic. Waking up to a WhatsApp message inviting us for a snowball fight was a nice way to start the day. We wrapped up in warm clothes, and spent the morning acting like kids walking the streets of Esparreguera, taking in marvellous views on the hills and spotting a variety of snowmen perched on garden walls. I even *accidentally* hit Juan in the face with a snowball or what was mainly ice. And we finished it off with a cacaolat in El Pati to warm us through. I feel like the snow brings out the child in everyone and it’s amazing to say we’ve experienced both the glorious sunshine and a white blanket of snow (just a shame it was overdue for Christmas) during my year in Spain. Unfortunately, by the afternoon it had melted, and it didn’t come anywhere as close as the snow Storm (miraculously named Storm Emma), which has struck Great Britain and left airports in stationary mode and people stranded...

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