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Valentine’s Day Are you a hopeless romantic? A person who loves to be showered with gifts? Made weak by romantic poems and the likes of William Shakespeare? Or does the holiday give you a headache? Confused by the need to celebrate your love any differently because of a special date? Are you embarrassed at the excessive romantic window-displays? Or struck with a sense of jealously as you’re surrounded by Romeo and Juliet’s? Does it make you feel lonelier than ever? Or do you just hate the commercialism that surrounds the once traditional holiday? For many, Valentine’s Day is simply a time to appreciate your loved one in your own selected way. Whether it’s by the stereotypical bunch of flowers and box of chocolates, a romantic dinner out or a gesture as big as a proposal, the act is supposed to be one of kindness, love and devotion. However, it is no doubt that this day has exploded into a major consumer holiday. It is estimated that one billion cards are sent on Valentine’s day every year making it the second biggest seasonal card celebration. The day has spread throughout Europe as well as more globally and is especially popular in Britain and the United States with Americans spending an estimated amount of $200. Whilst this holiday is bursting with red shaped hearts and candy, the origins are actually a little dark and confusing. No one has exactly pinpointed the start of this festivity but many resources date us back to Ancient Rome where they celebrated the festival of Lupercalia, during which men sacrificed a goat and a dog and...

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