Christmas Blog Felices Fiestas! December has arrived, finally a respectable time to start singing Christmas songs! December 1st started off sweet with the opening of our advent calendars and a chocolate in the shape of a reindeer, a strong tradition in England. Although it is not until the 8th December Immaculada which marks the start of your true celebrations here in Spain. Prematurely starting Christmas is probably one of my pet peeves. Those who already have their presents wrapped up and under the tree. Where’s the December build up? No one likes that house who has their Christmas lights on since October. Whilst us interns will be flying home to spend Christmas in England with our families, we are excited to spend the build up here in Spain and learn all about your weird and wonderful traditions as well as teaching our own. It’s the differences in cultures that makes the world so interesting. The one tradition that has stood out to us the most because of it’s bizarre nature is ‘El Caganer’ which literally means ‘the poo-er!’. It was even more astonishing to see this figure on many stalls at the Christmas Market of the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia reproduced using our patriotic British Queen in the same position. I am still bewildered exactly to how this man came a popular feature of modern Catalan nativity scenes, but it is these quirky features that makes each country unique. Catalonia’s Christmas markets were also not what we were expecting. In England the markets evolve from the typical German ones, selling popular food and warming drinks such as mould wine...

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