Halloween writing contest winners 2017!

Youngsters to Pre Junior (3) : Sara Costas (Pre-Junior 3) Once upon a time there was a wolf called Rufi who lived in an old and abandoned house, next to a farm with stables and greenhouses. He lived alone. He was not a normal animal he was a ghost. When he was alive, he lived in the same house with a wealthy owner and his wife. He died because of a hunter who was hunting around the area. The wolf was inside the house sleeping on a very fine mattress. He started to hear voices and suddenly he got up off the mattress and ran to the shed but he could not see him and suddenly, he forgot everything. The house was old and the planks were in poor conditions and made noises! Suddenly something paranormal happened in that place, someone beat down the wolf but how could it be? It was a dream he could see but didn’t catch. He was tied on a chair, a few seconds. After a child started to cry and then he heard a terrifying and pierced voice saying… Shhhhhhhhhhhh!! Shut up and become a zombie!!!!!!!! Who is howling at these despicable humans of my house? Il kick you to hell and I answered dog as you want them to howl, I answered the zombie as scaring fox microbe To lull them and the wolf told him. I am wolf, silly zombie!!! “Well, you can lick those disgusting, ugly humans.” Then the fox awaits the night to try to scare them, and to lull them clear. Night fell and it was already dinner...

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