The differences in Halloween traditions, Spain vs England

Hola! Here at Elite we have been getting ready for Halloween, teaching our classes Halloween vocabulary in preparation for celebrations over the next two days as we dress up, go trick or treating and play Halloween themed games. There is something for everyone, you’re never too old to parade around in outrageous outfits! As we prepare for Halloween we thought we would have a look at the differences between how we celebrate the day in England and in Spain. To begin, in Spain Halloween is a two-day celebration starting on October 31st with Dia de las Brujas (Day of the Witches), and finishing with Dia de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day) on November 1st,  a celebration of lost relatives. Whilst a slightly newer phenomenon, Halloween in Spain still permits the excuse of partying. The fact that Saints Day is a public holiday has meant that it’s no longer just a child’s holiday. Instead partying the night before has become more popular, treating the evening like a Saturday night by taking advantage of not having to work (well for most people) and spending the day catching up with sleep, resting your legs from all the dancing and curing that hangover with coffee. We are excited to experience the Catalan tradition of La Castanyada on All Saint’s Day as we have already noticed the shops are full of these seasonal delicacies: chestnuts, sweet potatoes, sweet wine and panellets. We are intrigued to see if there is some event or live music going on in the “Plaça del Centre” park which we can view from our balcony. Just the other Sunday...

From England to Spain – Cultural differences

Buenos dias from the interns, Moving to Spain from England we were bound to experience some cultural differences, so this week we are going to discuss our first impressions with encountering these variances. Whilst most of these will be the norm for you, for us they may take a lot of time to adapt. The most significant change is the difference in timetable. We have noticed that in comparison to England, Spain is much more alive at night. During the working week, whilst from our flat we can still hear socialising and casual drinks going on at 11/12 o’clock, in England most of the working population would already be in bed or watching TV. Sounds boring, right? But then a working day often begins earlier in England, usually 8.30/9am and finishing roughly around 5/6pm. This is evident in shop opening times. By the time you finish work in England it leaves no time to browse the shops, yet in Spain shops tend to close around 8.30pm and little supermarkets until even later, perfect if you fancy a midnight snack. Therefore, whilst we’re enjoying the late morning starts, often at 10am unless we have an earlier scheduled lesson, we are finding it a little difficult with the late-night finishes but change always requires time for adapting. This difficulty often links heavily to our dinner schedule as we are often not eating until 10 o’clock. Whilst you enjoy a big meal at lunch, often 2-3 courses which we experienced from our trip to the restaurant ‘Bar Milu’ where we experienced huge starters and two more courses and a drink for the...

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