Winner stories & writings 2016 Nuestros alumnos están llenos de imaginación y buenas ideas cuándo se trata de escribir una historia, y más si es para un concurso de Halloween. Estos son los ganadores de esta edición: ¡Felicidades! Children: Iu Banqueri (Youngsters 3) I am a knight without a head. My name is Roberto. I live in an old castle next to a school. Today everyone was talking about Halloween. I can smell a bad smell. All of the people are eating sweets, cupcakes and monster fruit. My preparation for monster fruit: Ingredients: Kiwi , Corn, Plum  Preparation: First, cut the kiwi- face Next, cut a piece of red plum in the kiwi- tongue Then, take the corn and put it into the kiwi- teeth After that, put on plastic eyes Finally, serve and enjoy!!   Suddenly, the knight farts and everyone disappears.   Junior to Lower Intermediate group: Chelo Pérez (lower interm) Some time ago Joe and his friends decided to spend Halloween night in an old cottage in the woods. They decided to walk through the forest. Suddenly, the sky turned dark and a heavy storm surprised them. They ran towards the cottage. When they arrived, there wasn’t any light. So they lit a fire in the fireplace. At that moment they realised that Henry wasn’t there. They left to go look for him. They saw the rain turn red. They were worried and shouted BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD!!! They returned in a hurry to the cottage and saw an awful shadow, they were scared and trembling. Unexpectedly, the light switched...

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